Google’s new design ethos

Google has released the most amazing style guide ever. What makes it so great is that they have created a guide that crosses through multiple channels and prepares for future channels or worlds in which it will spread it’s service into. I find this particularly interesting because it aligns with precognition of experiences and setting a design style for that precognition.

Google is about to take over your life and you won’t even notice. With their new design outlook which extends beyond the digital screen and restructures the user interface elements to create a more tangible system which is an accumulation of their digital services. This perception reveals a more subtle, more seamless, more invisibly visible, Google. As Golden Krishna says good design, is invisible

Material Design is a way for Google to unify what it is–not just as a collection of similarly designed services for various screens–but as a real secondary world in which everything you see is a snippet of something tangible. 

Our windows to that world may not always be the same–sometimes it might be circles on our wrists, other times it might be rectangles in our hands–but Material Design promises that we’ll always have access to the same, inherently logical bits information regardless of what we’re interacting with. And as content merges more and more between these screens, the feeling will be as natural as gravity.

This is natural outlook of interaction design is very inspiring. There are web concepts such as future friendly and mobile web, and Google have shown immense adaptability.

In other words, any point of friction in your day to day life is an opportunity for Google. It’s not any one preconceived thing, but a wide, opportunist infrastructure that can constantly conform to your life.

Google wants to be as amorphous as its wonder paper.

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