Mirroring mind

In the end we are self-perceiving, self-creating, locked-in mirages.We are miracles of self-reference. Douglas Hofstadder  

Jason Silva speaks about the Mirroring mind in this video.

Jason Silva is one of my favourite performance philosopher, as he calls himself. He speaks about self-awareness and how we mirror our external world. He speaks about the observer, observing. 

The more self referentially aligned, the more self aware one becomes. 

These topics have all been resonating with me at the moment. If I ask myself why, it would be based on 2 separate conversations I had this week.

I was talking to Ayanda, from Ownpower about language and how we articulate ourselves.

“We don’t understand each other, language is just a false construct. We think the other person understands us, but we are infusing ourselves into the conversation and the person listening is listening by infusing themselves into the conversation. ” 

So, we are basically talking to each other, by listening to where or how we,ourselves fit into the situation. How does this affect ME. 

Suddenly, my understanding of communication broke down. I now saw communication, as being in a car driving forwards by looking backwards through a rear view mirror. 

The other conversation was, in the orientation period, when Nosakhere was chatting to us about Michael Jackson’s song –  Man in the mirror 

” I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways.”

By watching this video, It made me grasp what they were trying to say. 

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