MPhil. Orientation

We had three days of registration and orientation at the GSB, where we met everyone involved in the MPhil programme. 

We started off with an incredibly inspiring session about living your dreams with Nosakhere. We spoke about identifying one’s purpose of one’s dream, which was quite difficult. The difficult part was actually figuring out what one’s dream is, never mind the actual purpose of it. We started off with individual dreams, then we moved into a super dream, which was the groups dream – this later led to a super duper dream, which was the whole classes dream. 

I really enjoyed this, mainly because it was great to observe and participate in finding out that everyone’s dreams were very similar  and that it would be best to utilise everyones dreams to create a combined grasp on how to make those dreams possible. Nosakhere calls this the co dream. 

We also spoke about, what makes a good dissertation and it got pointed out that, the best dissertation is a finished one. I really liked hearing that The dissertation process is your process, it’s about self transformation”. Which reminded me of the ancient alphorism “know thyself”,which has been used in many dialogues about knowledge and wisdom, yet it is so often overlooked and misunderstood. 

We talked about language being the currency that is used to understand the world. In these three days, this was definitely coming across; There was this path that needed to be walked, and while walking it there would be realisations on an experiential level, these realisations would affect one’s perception of reality. These would then need to be articulated, through language. 

This is research in practise, it’s a practical understanding of how we research and come to an outcome by taking action. The way in which we will walk on this path will be by studying different techniques and methodologies to unravel and generate knowledge for action. This allows us to develop a way to describe ourselves in everyday reality, so that we can have a deeper understanding. It is important to know oneself, so that you can recognise and relate to the human state because business is based on human activities and needs. 

These three days have really been inspiring days and I am so grateful for this opportunity.

I feel like it’s the right time to bring Morpheus in on this one.


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